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Friomar Vessel

The FRIOMAR vessel is a freezer fishing vessel which belongs to the Huelva seafood fleet that operates in Mauritania. FJ | Fernández Jove is proud to have been part of the construction of this project by ASTILLEROS ARMON, NAVIA, S.A. attending to the positive function that this boat has been playing. Our participation has included the supply, installation and testing of hydraulic piping for rudder servo, blocks, swamp hatch and fishing machine. FJ took care of the supply, installation and testing of the hydraulic pipes for the servo-rudder, pastecas, swamp hatch and fishing machinery.

This seafood fishing vessel is one of the seven vessels owned by the shipowner PESQUERAS FRIOMAR, a family business which is responsible for maintaining powerful engines for long trips and freezing. It is joining the powerful fleet of the National Association of Shipowners of Freezer Seafood vessels (Anamar). The main port in which FRIOMAR operates is the Mauritanian port of Noadibú, while the artisan production of the merchandise is supplied from Huelva, from where a large part of the national market is supplied.