FJ counts with a highly specialized technical staff in the field of flow-management, hydraulics, pneumatics and process automation.

This allows the development of personalized solutions according to the necessity of each project, from basic engineering to key-in-hand supplies, as it includes a high degree of flexibility.

  • Oil-hydraulic engineering
  • Pneumatic and electropneumatic engineering
  • Control engineering

Our knowledge in these fields allow us to develop comprehensive projects, in which different systems and equipment are combined.

Conceptual and basic engineering
Basic design of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric systems, or other specific ones.
Definition and design of control systems
Selection and specification of instrumentation and valves
Engineering calculations, preliminary studies and technical reports
Technical specifications of systems and equipment
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Detail engineering
3D modelling, 2D extraction and shape optimization
Diagrams and calculations of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic installations
Construction and assembly works plans
Electrical and wiring diagrams, etc.
Preparing material lists
Equipment and control system programming
Testing and commissioning
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Integrated logistics support
Technical data and logistics documentation package
Technical training
Operation manuals
Maintenance manuals
Quality documentation
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