Projects I+D+I

For FJ, both concepts, competitiveness and innovation capacity go hand in hand. Product development and innovation has been the foundation of the evolution of the enterprise during the last years. That is why FJ has working teams which focus on the development of products and new technologies, which allows us to offer the best technical solutions to our clients.

On the other hand, in FJ we actively help our clients in development projects, always working jointly to assure fulfilling common objectives. This has taken us to strengthen certain products or even to develop some new ones, always having our users as our priority.

Projects 4.0

In an area which is in constant change, especially in the technological field, the main objective of FJ is to keep the leading position in the sector in terms of innovation and application of new technologies. For that reason, FJ has different work approaches, as a way to develop and enhance the application of 4.0 elements, both regarding its production process and its products and systems.

By doing that, we count with work approaches focused on developing predicting maintenance models, smart tag applications, remote monitoring, digital twinning and other technologies which make possible to us to offer the best service possible to our clients, taking care of our projects during all its life cycle.