Hydraulic equipments for the sliding and hinged doors of the AAOR vessels.

Equipos hidráulicos de los buques AAOR

The systems division has been in charge of manufacturing the hydraulic equipments for the sliding and hinged doors that will be installed in both the AAOR I and the AAOR II.

The AAOR vessels will operate for the Australian Navy as an auxiliary ship capable of transporting fuel, drinking water, spare parts, food, ammunition and medicines so that the fleet it accompanies can remain at sea for 20 days or more without refueling and without berthing, no port.

The scope consists on supplying the hydraulic equipment, cylinders and control cabinets, as well as the commissioning. This equipment will allow the activation of the five sliding and hinged doors, located on the Main Deck and on Level 01 of the ships.
These equipment are complemented by the doors manufactured by Talleres Mecánicos Codesal.

In addition, Fernandez Jove will include the delivery of the technical documentation and the installation manuals for the operation of these vessels.