Fernández Jove group participates again in the latest edition of the SMM fair in Hamburg.

Equipo de Fernández Jove en la feria SSM de Hamburgo 2022.

Our team was present at the SMM fair in Hamburg held between September 6 and 9, 2022. We had the opportunity to discover new projects, innovation, opportunities and, above all, trust.

The days were filled with a lot of work in which we had the opportunity to connect with potential international clients. Therefore, we have already got down to work with the proposals in the hope of creating new strong and lasting collaboration connections in the future.

In addition, one of the most remarkable experiences of the latest edition of the Hamburg SMM has been being able to share good times with our clients and friends. Being with you always fills us with joy and is undoubtedly one of the reasons why we like attending this type of event so much.

In these days, there was also a remarkable event and that is that we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our company, Grupo Fernández Jove. On Thursday afternoon we were able to enjoy a small celebration surrounded by great people at our stand in honor of our trajectory in the last half century.

2024, we are looking forward to you, because, without a doubt, you will see us again in Hamburg.

Thanks to Otracosa Global de Comunicaciones S.L. and to its good taste and quality we were able to be present at the fair with a stand that has been our “home” during the intense days.

We also want to thank the organization of the SMM fair for the care and commitment that they put into holding this event year after year. Always willing to lend a hand and their professionalism is remarkable in every detail.

Fernández Jove team at the SSM fair in Hamburg 2022.
Our colleagues at the Fernández Jove stand at the SMM fair in Hamburg 2022.

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