#OnGoingProyectsFJ RESOLUTE

FJ | Fernández Jove is participating in the construction of the LAST GENERATION FISHING BOAT “RESOLUTE” that will be ready by the end of this year.

The hydraulically actuated quick release system supplied by Fernández Jove, together with the progressive design of the Wärtsilä Marine technical group and the 97 years of experience of the Balenciaga Shipyards, give rise to an innovative fishing boat with high efficiency that will represent the latest in ship designs for fishing industry purposes.

The “RESOLUTE” has a length of 69.8 metres and its main function is to replace an existing trawler of the same name in the fleet of its shipowner, Castlehill LLP, operating in the fishing grounds of the North Sea.

Moreover, this ship will accomplish 100% of the criteria for the development of efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions that we, at Fernández Jove, support.