Control Systems

Fernández Jove is the developer of PRIOR, an equipment monitoring and control system.

PRIOR is able to monitor and control actuation systems, actuated valves, sensors and other external equipment.

The fields of application of PRIOR include a wide variety, from naval construction (civil or military) to the industrial sector.

PRIOR has different units to predefined applications: PRIOR|VAL, PRIOR|MEQ y PRIOR|SENS

Control system for equipment and hydraulic or pneumatic systems. PRIOR makes possible the mobilization of manoeuvring equipment, system variable monitoring and critical data extraction.

Valve automation and control system, adjustable to different types of valves (electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic). PRIOR valves provide the user with total control, as it can be adjusted to different configurations and architectures.

Sensor monitoring system for fluid lines, tanks, etc. As it is fully flexible, it can be adjusted to suit all types of sensors, coming as a simple and visual graphical user interface.


Main characteristics

  • 1

    PRIOR integrates different equipment under common control, making possible to group by location or service and to be able to create subsystems.

  • 2

    PRIOR allows to control and visualize data from touch screens (with mimic control system) or keypads.

  • 3

    PRIOR includes the ability to move transparently to another type of system without stopping its execution, being able to relinquish control or to provide critical data that has already been screened.

  • 4

    PRIOR is a modular system. System networks can be created, the same as subsystems with different complexity.