The launching of the AMPHIBIOUS LANDING SHIP, named “ARC GOLFO DE TRIBUGÁ”, was carried out in 2014 under the flag of Colombia. So far, eight of these ships have been manufactured and FJ has collaborated in the manufacturing of all of them.

Within the manufacturing of these 8 ships, FJ was in charge of the supply and commissioning of the hydraulic system for control and operation of the bow ramp.

The hydraulic system consists of:

  • Control cabinet
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulic winches
  • Control panels on the bridge and on deck

The “ARC GOLFO DE TRIBUGÁ” is an amphibious landing ship which is 50 m long and 11 m wide. These landing ships are designed to carry out humanitarian aid operations in riparian zones and coastal areas, as well as to support disaster relief operations through the carrying of troops, containers or any other shipment.

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