FJ | Fernández Jove has participated in the construction of the six vessels that make up the tuna fishing fleet for the Bermean group Echebastar.

Currently, all of them are fishing successfully in the Indian Ocean. The names of these fishing boats are IZARO, the JAI ALAI, the EUSKADI ALAI, the ELAI ALAI, the ALAKRANA and the ATERPE ALAI, the last one is the most recent, as it launched last year 2019. Its modern and sophisticated technology such as FJ sea intake system, together with the new caught fish separation system which returns alive non-target fish to the sea, which is practically automatic, makes them break with the image of traditional vessels of these characteristics.

FJ has participated in all these vessels providing the supply, installation and testing of the hydraulic pipes for the fishing maneuver. Moreover, it took care of the supply, installation and commissioning of the pneumatic valve systems for the sea intakes. However, the highlight of our work on these six vessels has been the key supply of the quick closing system and the pneumatic system for the non-target fish landfill.

All of them have been built in the ZAMOKONA SHIPYARD of Santurce, where they were provided with a superstructure and aluminum bridges, tunnels for freezing tuna at -60 degrees, as well as safe areas with anti-piracy means.