In 2017 FJ collaborated in the construction ofthe tug ship ¨VB JUAN GONZALEZ, built in Zamakona Yards, by the shipowner Boluda Corporación Marítima, S.L.

In this ship, FJ was in charge of the supply and commissioning of the hydraulic system to cut down lights, an equipment which was designed by our engineering department and developed in our own facilities.

Apart from that, our team of installers carried out pressure and flushing tests on the entire hydraulic pipeline of the ship. 

Get to know more about our hydraulic and pneumatic systems: https://fernandezjove.com/en/handling-equipment/

The “VB JUAN GONZALEZ” has dimensions of 31,57 X 12,8 m. It was baptized in tribute to the Captain of the merchant marine Juan González” in recognition of his career in the port of Algeciras. 

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