#SuccessfulCasesFJ NUSHIP SUPPLY

This August, the ship NUSHIP SUPPLY was tested according to its first contact with the sea. These tests were carried out by the person in charge of its construction, the Ferrol de NAVANTIA S.A. facilities. 

As the results of these tests were positive, this logistics support vessel (AOR, Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment), has already been delivered to its owner: the Australian Navy.

As you may already know, FJ | Fernández Jove collaborated closely with Navantia S.A. for the realization of this project. It was carried out through our engineering services and definition of results and installation, together with testing all the hydraulic systems of the ship: elevators, watertight doors … 

For all the previous actions, we contributed with our experience in services such as providing the hydraulic engineering of the entire ship, its complete installation, carrying out tests in all the installed systems; in addition, the valve control systems were performed, both electrical and hydraulic, together with the quick-closing valve system.

For this reason, we are very pleased to see how the NUSHIP SUPPLY optimally operates in Australian waters, under the supervision of NAVANTIA AUSTRALIA. This vessel is in charge of transporting fuel, dry cargo, water, food, ammunition, equipment and spare parts to provide operational support to naval deployment or combat forces operating away from the port on the high seas for longer periods.

In addition to resupply, the vessel can be used to fight against environmental pollution at sea, provide logistical support to the armed forces, and aid humanitarian and relief operations after a natural disaster. 

The AOR logistics support vessel is an example of the Spanish-Australian collaboration to promote the Australian naval industry and its maintenance.