#OnGoingProyectsFJ FISHING VESSEL C-486

Buque pesquero C-486

Among the various projects in which Fernández Jove is currently involved we find the case of this freezer trawler, C-486, which is currently being built in the shipyard @Astilleros Gondan (Castropol, Asturias).

Last June, the launch of this sophisticated steel freezer trawler took place at the previously mentioned shipyard. It is equipped with a modern hybrid propulsion system that allows it to considerably reduce its fuel consumption, as well as enabling it to achieve high operational efficiency.

This fishing vessel, which belongs to the Norwegian shipowner Engenes FiskeriselskapAS.,  will operate in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. For this reason, it is prepared to withstand extreme climatic conditions typical of these locations and it has a warehouse dedicated to storage fish of approximately 1,400 1.400 .

Our participation in this ship, which will be delivered to its shipowner in 2021, consists of being the company that will supply the hydraulic remote control system for the swamp overflow valves and their corresponding actuators.

The project, which is closely related with the new European green waste emission control agenda, is evolving very positively, so the estimated delivery date will initially be met and in 2021 we will be able to see this ship sailing.