FJ Integral Supply – ENCE biomass plant

Planta de Biomasa de ENCE

The systems division of Fernández Jove Comercial e Ingeniería was chosen to manufacture the hydraulic equipment and electrical panels for the new ENCE Biomass plant in Huelva under the charge of Gestamp Energy Solutions. In addition, FJCI will perform operation tests and the commissioning at the ENCE facilities, where the parameters will be adjusted and the system will be put into operation, leaving it ready for use.

These equipments are used in biomass plants, to generate electrical energy from fossil waste (wood residues, manure, etc.).

One of the problems found in these plants is the formation of compacted product crusts, which can clog the ducts or hinder the operation. This equipment is responsible for the automatic movement of stirring blades that remove the contents inside the biomass deposits, preventing the formation of these crusts.

This automic system has three independent hydraulic groups, with three pumps of 7.5kW, which move a total of seven cylinders, six of these are used to move two metal shovels, which shake the contents of the deposits and prevent crusts from forming or Biomass vaults. These cylinders are rhythmic and move in unison 3 and 3, automatically.

The other cylinder is used to move the product and advance to the next phase of the process, also moving automatically.

We appreciate Gestamp Energy Solutions for trusting in us for this project.