#FJExperience ⚓️

Armada Australiana

The Stalwart, which has been carrying out sea trials since last Saturday, is the second amphibious ship built by Navantia in the Ría of Ferrol for the Australian Navy.

After the successful culmination of these tests, it is estimated that the ship will leave for Australia in the second half of April.

At Fernández Jove we mark this day ??, grateful for the trust placed in us and proud of the work done by our team:

⚙️ The engineering and routing, installation and testing of all the ship’s hydraulic systems: lifts, watertight doors, servo-tonnage, deck machinery, tele-levels, instrumentation, etc.

Supply of instrumentation panels and commissioning of the following systems:

▶️ Hydraulic systems for sliding and hinged door control.

▶️ Complete hydraulic valve control system.

▶️ Complete electrical valve control system.

▶️ Quick Closing valve system.

All of them with our SAVAL brand valves.

Good winds and our best wishes for the vessel Stalwart.

Pictures provided by Navantia.