Quick closing / Emergency Shut-Off or emergency isolation valve systems allow instant shutdown of fluid lines in case of emergency (like leaks or fires).
Our systems are made up by valves and control panels. The valves are installed in flammable liquid lines (fuels, oils, etc.) or at the tank outlet, whereas the control panel is placed in a safe area.

FJ offers the complete quick-closing system, from the development on engineering based on project information, the construction of drive panels (hydraulic, pneumatic or electro-pneumatic) and the manufacture of SAVAL valves, a company which belongs to Fernandez Jove group, and which has been specialized in manufacturing high-quality marine valves for more than fifty years.

  • Engineering and system design.
  • Manufacture of panel and control cabinets.
  • Manufacture of valves and drive units, SAVAL brand

All of the above together with logistics and technical data documentation packages, as well as support during installation, start up and the whole life cycle.

Válvulas de Cierre rápido

Hydraulic drive with remote control

Quick release valves can be remotely closed by hydraulic valve units operated with remote control. When operating the lever, a plunger moves a fixed volume of incompressible flow (hydraulic oil) that activates the triggers of the valves connected to the unit.

válvulas de cierre rápido Saval

Hydraulic pump unit station

FJ offers hydraulic pump unit station of one, two and up to three levers assembled on the same metal frame.

These hydraulic pump unit stations, the same as valves, are made by SAVAL | Marine valves brand, of Fernández Jove group.
The interconnection between the hydraulic pump unit station and the valves is made through a Ø8×1 mm pipe.

Pulse unit cabinets

Hydraulic drive units can be installed inside a cabinet, as a way to protect them against natural dirt or possible external manipulation.
When these cabinets are supplied, they are ready to be installed, including in the installation process every connection that might be necessary.

Sistemas de válvula de Cierre Rápido Saval

Pneumatic drive with remote control

Pneumatic actuation system works by throwing out air pressure against the valve piston, which activates the trigger and instantly closes the line.
The main advantage of the pneumatic system is that it allows the closing of an unlimited number of valves from a single cabinet.


FJ offers, as a standard service, cabinets with up to 8 activations, allowing up to 8 valve lines to be activated independently.

Pneumatic actuation system is made up, in its most basic condition, of a pulse unit cabinet with every necessary actuation element inside. However, the cabinet is frequently improved with an air accumulator, which enhances the system with better trigger performance.

Válvula de Cierre Rápido
Válvula de Cierre Rápido FJ

Electro-pneumatic drive

The electro-pneumatic drive system keeps the usefulness of the single pneumatic form but includes electrical components to include the possibility of using remote control and connectivity.

This equipment is made up by parallel solenoid valves that can be controlled using manually operated pushbuttons; this enables the user to close the valves from other systems or from control keypads.

Válvula de Cierre Rápido
Válvulas de cierre Rápido