#SuccessfulCasesFJ SVEA


In the year 2018, (Mención) ASTILLEROS ARMON, VIGO S.A. built the oceanographic vessel “SVEA”, for (Mención) Swedish Univ. Of agricultural Sciences.

The oceanographic vessel “SVEA” has dimensions of 69,50m in length and 15,80 m in width.

On this ship, (mención) FJ was in charge of the complete supply and installation of the hydraulic propeller piping, sliding doors and servo-rudder, together with the #installation of the nebulizer water.

The system of nebulizer water is a protection system against fires which uses water sprinklers. Small, spray-shaped water particles extinguish fire by cooling, displacing oxygen (by evaporation) and reducing radiant heat.

The correct operation of these systems depends to a great extent on a good installation and adjustment. Due to that, FJ carries out several tests after the equipment has been set up, such as testing pressure or water tightness. 

FJ gives high trustworthiness to the correct functioning of its services, thanks to its wide experience, which can be supported by its diverse projects, such as the ships ÍZARO, EDDA PASSAT, FAIRPLAY-30, LAGAN… among many others.

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Ship references:
Astilleros Armón: https://www.astillerosarmon.com/es/oceanograficos/item/2171-svea.html