In 2007 FJ | Fernández Jove collaborated in the construction of the FLOHOTEL VESSEL “ORGULLO PETROLERO”, built in NAVANTIA, S.A. for the shipowner PEMEX

These vessels are used as support and accommodation for the staff who works on the oil rigs and, therefore, they are designed to host 700 people- including staff, crew and those in charge of services.

Concerning size, its extension would be 131 meters in length and 27 in beam, so its exterior aesthetic is similar to a merchant ship.

On this ship, FJ was in charge of the supply, installation and testing of hydraulic and pneumatic piping for portholes, propellers and sliding doors, among others, such as:

  • Supply and commissioning of quick release system of valves and drive cabinets
  • Supply and commissioning of the control system made up by valves with pneumatic actuators and control cabinets.

All carried out by following the highest quality standards set by its own manufacture through the group company, Saval de válvulas 

FJ is official distributor of Saval products for the naval sector. Saval de válvulas is part of Fernández Jove business group, which allows controlling the complete traceability of the product and guaranteeing its good quality, since only raw materials from European foundries are used.

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